Step By Step How To Swaddle A Baby

Under wraps the power of swaddling
  • Baby Swaddle Blanket

    The Hudson Baby muslin swaddle blankets are 100% cotton, available in a great range of designs, and, at 46 by 46 inches, are nice and large. How to make it at home. Shelly of the sewing and quilting blog Coral and Co. posted a clear and helpful tutorial for a fairly basic cotton knit swaddle blanket.

  • How To Swaddle Your Baby

    Dress your baby lightly and choose a light blanket to prevent overheating. Overheating can also put your baby at risk of developing SIDS. Always choose a light, breathable blanket or wrap when swaddling your baby. If the weather is warm, dress your baby in light clothes or just a diaper under the swaddling wrap.

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