Toddler Crying While Potty Training

Adorable toddler s potty talk has daddy crying from laughter

Whether you are potty training a boy or a girl, remember that crying while potty training is normal behavior! Once you get to the bottom of the tears you will be able to start successfully helping your toddler become a toilet master. The 3 Reasons Your Toddler Cries When Its Time To Potty Train Reason #1: The Toilet Is Scary

However, for the most part, holding firm in a kind, reassuring, encouraging way—even in the face of a tantrum or two—will send the message to your child that they are, in fact, ready to master this skill. Consistency and follow-through are key. If you say, "No more diapers!" mean it.

It could make potty training hard and cause stress for your son. Most boys do not pooty train till 3 to 3 1/2. My doctor told me that I could wait till he turned 3 and start introducing potty training which should take a few days or I could push it earlier and take months to train him. I have two boys. I let them lead the potty training.

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    Potty training information and tips from the experts to guide you through the process of getting your child out of nappies and into pants for good. Every child is different; they learn to walk and talk at different times and they learn how to use the toilet at different times too. However, most children are ready to be potty trained between 18 months and 3 years.

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