Why Won T My 7 Month Old Sleep

Why won t my 7 month old sleep So you’re not alone. Although your baby is old enough to start sleeping through the night, it doesn’t mean that she will! Don’t despair though. There are some steps.

My 9 month old baby won t sleep without me holding him

Why Won T My 7 Month Old Sleep

Causes of insomnia in kids

  • Stress. Yes, they are young, but children also experience stress—often triggered by issues at school or home.
  • Caffeine. Many sodas and energy drinks contain caffeine which can keep kids awake at night.
  • Side effects of medications.
  • Other medical issues.

Why Your Baby Wakes Frequently At Night?

Your baby could also wake up frequently due to an infection or illness.If your baby is in the crawling stage, they tend to grab things and put them into the mouth, which increases the chance of catching infections, leading to frequent wake-ups at night.

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